Angered by the 2000 Presidential election, Arthur, the unemployed son of Senator Joe Lieberman, is installed in a NYC apartment, with the hopes that he will "lay low". Striving to be relevant, Arthur starts an intellectual salon based on what he reads on the back cover of books written by the Situationist International. Soon he is encouraged to commit violent acts by radical orthodox Jewish postal workers, a former stereo salesman and some Charlie Rose interns.
The film has become, in the words of the Situationist International "A history of the immediate future".

Production Notes

A BAD SITUATIONIST was shot in 14 days in June of 2001 with a small crew and a small budget.

Director's Note

The damage done to Americašs democratic system as a result of the Supreme Courtšs politically motivated anointing of a president in the year 2000 will prove to outweigh any damage that could be perpetrated by any of Americašs enemies. And somebody needed to make a comedic movie about it. Also, it is bad form to mute dissent.